Current Fish Reports and Announcements
Date Author Title
12-17-2014Drew CardPacific Queen 2015 Plans
10-29-2014Drew CardDorado Fishing Remains Good For Pacific Queen
10-28-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Trip Wrap up
10-27-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Limits on Dorao and Get Some Yellowfin
10-27-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Limits on Dorado
10-25-2014Drew CardPQ wrap-up!
10-25-2014Drew CardLimits of Dorado
10-24-2014Drew CardIt's not over!
10-18-2014Drew CardPacific Queens Has Early Limits of Dorado
10-13-2014Drew CardBeautiful Day!
10-13-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Gets Early Limits of Dorado
10-12-2014Drew CardGood Fishing Today!
10-10-2014Drew CardExcellent Dorado Fishing!
10-09-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Limits On Dorado Early
10-07-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Has Spots Open For Tonight
10-06-2014Drew CardPacific Queen has Limits of Yellowfin
10-04-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Has Limits of Yellowfin Early
10-03-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Get Early Limits of Yellowfin
10-01-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Has Spectacular Day
10-01-2014Drew CardPacific Queen Gets Early Limits of Yellowfin
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