Current Fish Reports and Announcements
Date Author Title
04-09-2014Drew Card10% Discount
03-08-2014Drew Card10% Discount
12-08-2013Drew CardThe Pacific Queen is planning on trips beginning in January
10-25-2013Drew CardPacific Queen has a 1.5 Day trip leaving tonight has a light load, get on board
10-19-2013Drew CardPacific Queen finishes the day with Yellowtail limits, 90 Bluefin & 18 Skipjack
10-19-2013Drew CardPacific Queen is having a great day with 70 Bluefin, Limits of Yellowtail & 18 Skipjack
10-17-2013Drew CardPacific Queen has a light load 1.5 Day trip leaving Friday night
10-16-2013Drew CardPacific Queen closes out the day with 82 Bluefin tuna & 1 Yellowtail
10-16-2013Drew CardPacific Queen is having another great trip at 9:30 AM they have put 59 Bluefin on the deck
10-12-2013Drew CardAt mid-day, Pacific Queen has Yellowtail limits, a dozen or so Bluefin & 2 Dorado
10-10-2013Drew CardPacific Queen has an epic Bluefin tuna day
10-09-2013Drew CardPacific Queen has another great day. Limits of Yellowtail, 15 Bluefin, 20 Yellowfin, 10 Dorado +
10-07-2013Drew CardPacific Queen has another great day. Limits of Yellowtil, 29 Yellowfin, & 15 Bluefin
10-06-2013Drew CardPacific Queen returns from a great trip, landing 230 fish
10-05-2013Drew CardPacific Queen is having another good day with limits of Yellowtail, 26 Dorado & 12 Yellowfin
10-03-2013Drew CardPacific Queen has a 1 Day trip leaving tonight & they will target Bluefin
09-30-2013Drew CardPacific Queen wraps up a great fall 1.5 Day trip
09-30-2013Drew CardPacific Queen is having an excellent mixed species day, with 33 Dorado, 31 Yellowfin & 80 Yellowtail
09-28-2013Drew CardOn a day they had to scratch Pacific Queen lands 120 Yellowtail, 22 Dorado & 15 mixed tuna
09-27-2013Drew CardPacific Queen already has 50 Bluefin on the deck
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